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January 2018

On-prem needs to pitch harder as unclouding continues

The trend is for more workloads to go into the cloud but over the course of this year the cracks in the public cloud strategy have started to show giving the on-premise community a chance to shout loudly about the proposition they offer. Those providing private cloud or hybrid propositions have been criticised in the past for failing to counter the public relations steam roller that promoted AWS, Azure and Google but it is clear the argument is far from won. Cases of customers pulling back from the cloud because of the costs have become a feature of most channel anecdotes and warnings about how much the bills rack up have been made at various times by different industry players. The phrase 'unclouding' crept into the channel lexicon and started to inspire discussion from the summer onwards as it started to become more of a trend. One of those that spoke up back in the summer about cloud costs was workload management specialist Turbonomic, which can help customers in either a public cloud or on-prem capacity. Shmuel Kliger, ...

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