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December 2022

Threat hunting for MSPs

Threat actors lurk in all corners of the internet and even on your network, lying in wait to strike. Sophisticated attackers often have no need to deploy malware in the early stages of an attack as they can use tools such as operating system components, misconfigurations or installed software to achieve their aims. Even advanced threat detection – which tends to identify attacks after they have already begun – may not be enough to keep organisations protected. To build a more robust defence, they need a more proactive approach. With threat hunting, the goal is to anticipate and prevent attacks by analysing networks, endpoints and data to identify suspicious activity that might be missed. While technology-based solutions are still important, threat hunting also requires a human-centric approach to be effective. This enables organisations to move faster than the speed of the threat, shutting down attacks, often before they start. But it can be challenging to implement a threat-hunting programme. According to a recent Pulse survey,...

Features in this issue

  • Prices are rising and maybe that’s not so bad

    by  Billy MacInnes

    Life is getting more expensive and many will look to cut costs and reduce prices where possible – but in the channel it might be OK to do the reverse

  • Threat hunting for MSPs

    by  Iratxe Vazquez, WatchGuard

    Iratxe Vazquez, senior product marketing manager at WatchGuard, provides top tips for managed service providers to help their customers stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals

  • Tech skills problems continue

    by  Billy MacInnes

    It's a problems as old as the hills, but the pressure on skilled technical staff continues to cause headaches across the channel