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October 2021

Why should you choose a channel career?

Let me start by introducing myself. I am 16 years old and have recently completed my GCSEs. In September, I will start my A-levels, which includes studying computer science. My future is ahead of me and I wanted to know why the channel should be somewhere I should consider as my destination. To get an idea of why it might be good to work in the channel, I asked for the opinions of people across the industry who have already built careers in the channel. Their responses gave me plenty of food for thought. One of the things you want to hear about any prospective career is that it will not be boring – that people won’t be coming into the office and spending their time opening emails and checking their watches to see when it’s lunch or time to go. So, my first concern is: would the channel be an interesting place to work? A sense of every day being different in the channel is one that has kept Ali Hastings, regional channel leader at Avaya, convinced that she made the right decision in building a career in the industry. “When I was ...

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