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May 2018

Firms making slow moves to embrace digital

Digital transformation promises efficiency improvements and the chance to get better insights into a business but many customers are nowhere near realising those benefits. There are a number of factors behind the slowness from some users to change their business processes and some industry players have gone and asked the market why that is the case. Managed service provider Claranet has done quite a lot of research and its latest findings reveal that the vast number of customers have failed to automate processes. As a result IT departments are still bogged down with general maintenance, operational projects and dealing with user problems. The firm's research found that 48% of firms were still using manual processes. “Automation is a critical enabling technology that can give organisations the agility, speed, scalability, resilience and compliance they need to compete and succeed in the age of digital business," said Michel Robert, managing director at Claranet UK. “Unfortunately, it appears that many UK companies are struggling ...

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