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May 2018

Brexit Tracker helps chart the confidence

The most valuable commodity in any market is confidence, which is measured out in various currencies. The pound, according to the text on the front of a fiver, is a promise to pay the bearer. Likewise, the verdicts given by Equifax and Experian are judgements of their belief in your financial fortitude. The lines of credit and levels of discount that a distributor extends to a reseller are another channel partner confidence rating. Those decisions are based partly on instinct, which are affected by our emotions. Debate’s over Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit) were tragically distorted by volatility in the emotional currency markets. It should have been an examination of accountability, governance and trade policy but sadly it ended up becoming a phoney moral grandstanding competition. Impartiality means I won’t judge people - that would be unfair to both the Leave Voters and the Remainiac Emoters. But the bottom line is that national confidence seems to have plummeted, according to our national broadcaster - and they are ...

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