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October 2022

Where next for the channel?

If the past 40 years have proved anything, it is the channel’s ability to adapt and survive in changing circumstances. As MicroScope marks its milestone anniversary, inflation is back where it was when the magazine was first launched and the world is once again looking uncertain, with a war in Ukraine, high energy prices and a cost-of-living crisis. Things could get tough, but history has shown that the channel knows how to ride the waves and get through challenging times, and with technology more important than ever, having moved out of the IT department and across the business in the past four decades, the need for IT expertise is greater than ever. Across the industry, there are many reasons to look forward with some optimism, with the channel supporting customers as they continue to harness the power of technology. The future will involve more subscription, further transformation and specific moments like the digital switchover that will provide the channel with opportunities to grow. Here is what some big names had to say ...

Features in this issue

  • A history of MicroScope

    by  Anton Allegranza Quicke

    As MicroScope celebrates its 40th anniversary, we look back and tell the story of the publication itself, with some industry memories of what it has meant to its readers

  • Where next for the channel?

    by  Simon Quicke

    As part of our 40th anniversary, we look ahead to get a sense of where the channel will go in the years and decades to come

  • The channel: Four decades of change

    by  Simon Quicke

    To celebrate MicroScope’s 40th anniversary, we ask channel leaders to reflect on the changes seen over the past four decades – a shift to software, and the emergence of the managed service provider and the cloud are among the highlights