Keep private information private with display filters

Lianne Denness, managing director at Hypertec, says the channel has a responsibility to make display privacy filters part of their solution set as monitor technology becomes more advanced

With the increasing use of tablet PCs, laptops and smartphones to view and share video, wide viewing angle performance is increasingly becoming a selling point.

But display viewing angles of 170 degrees are a serious concern for business users using the devices for email and other business purposes.

A recent NPD DisplaySearch report found that while in 2011, just 7% of monitors used in-plane switching (IPS), fringe field switching (FFS) and similar display panels, this figure could increase to 25% by 2015.

Already, these new IPS/FFS displays are being shipped by some of the biggest names in business desktop and mobile computing, such as LG and IBM/Lenovo. 

With these new display technologies, a privacy filter is essential for anyone using a laptop to work in a public place, both to prevent personal embarrassment and to control access to company and client information. 

Dealers have a responsibility to educate their customers on this risk and draw their attention to the fact that privacy filters provide a simple, convenient and low-cost solution.

Lianne Denness is managing director at Hypertec

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