• Absence doesn't make the heart grow fonder

    Staff absence costs employers a fortune every year. According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, with an average salary of £25000, this amounts to some £32 billion a year. The CIPD also reckon that less than 50 per ...  Continue Reading

  • Be careful with ex-gratia payments

    How often have employers found it expedient to dismiss an employee and then give them an ex-gratia payment to keep them happy (and quiet)? Well those that follow this practice should be aware of a recent case - Publicist Consultants UK Ltd v ...  Continue Reading

  • Corporate hi-jacking

    According to credit reference agency, Graydon UK, there's been a huge rise in fraud attempts perpetrated against businesses.  Continue Reading

  • Feeling the anger

    Cycling home from work last night the timing meant that I arrived in Peckham just as the rioters were spilling over the main street looking for trouble. My sunglasses were snatched and my back wheel buckled but luckily that's as far as it went and I...  Continue Reading

  • Cloud computing's hidden costs, part five. Far from the Madding Cloud

    Vladimir Jirasek, non-executive director CSA UK & Ireland and member of CAMM, speaks from bitter experience about a cloud heist that went wrong. "I have had experience of migrating to Cloud and between different SaaS clouds," he laments.  Continue Reading