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Nebulon continuing to focus on OEM channel-building

Smart infrastructure specialist keen to exploit growing enterprise market opportunity via partners

Nebulon has identified a growing opportunity to deliver public cloud services to a commercial audience through the channel.

The smart infrastructure player operates a model of selling products via OEM partners and their channels, including HPE, Lenovo, Dell and Super Micro.

Nebulon is pitching a controller, offering storage, network services and cyber security services, that can be plugged into servers and provide the functionality public cloud customers have been enjoying for the past few years.

Craig Nunes, chief operating officer and co-founder of Nebulon, said there was a gap in the market that could only be plugged through OEM hardware partners and the channel. “What we want to do in partnership with our server providers, with our channel, is bring that hyperscale datacentre model to enterprises,” he said.

Nunes added that the vendor was able to work with the security channel and those who were working with customers at the edge.

“For those partners who are bringing a security value to their customers at the network and application layer, we offer a way to drive that down deeper into the infrastructure, inside the server, to protect ransomware attacks on the server operating system and recover within minutes,” he said.

“We have observed [the edge] is probably the fastest growing part of the enterprise,” added Nunes. “It’s an area where I think customers need a lot of help from their partners, either from a design or ongoing management perspective. Whether it’s just teaming with a partner around design and deployment of an edge opportunity or the ongoing management you know, within that customer’s private cloud of that edge deployment it is a great opportunity.”

Artificial intelligence

Another area of interest is artificial intelligence (AI), and Nunes has noted there are a lot of partners trying to work out how they can bring additional value to AI infrastructure.

“We have different solution blueprints that they can take to their customers,” he added. “It’s for folks trying to find their place in serving AI infrastructure and managing AI infrastructure for their customers, a way to take advantage of that.”

As well as arming the channel with attractive technology, the other focus has been on continuing to ensure those selling via OEMs are recognised and rewarded.

Back in September 2021, the firm launched its smartPartner programme, with the aim of supporting resellers and those that want to add further value to an OEM solution. Nunes said those efforts had been continuing over the past couple of years to foster further channel growth.

“We focus on the partners who also are transforming themselves and those that see the value,” he said, adding that they were already able to see “a fairly substantial opportunity”.

“The most successful partners we have are in early at the design of the project, and they are also being asked to own it over time,” said Nunes. “They’re sticking around for the management and maintenance of that, and for those partners, they are making a tremendous business. They’re an extension of those customer accounts.”

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