Syncro steps up support for UK MSPs

Firm expands support hours and makes billing easier as it looks to grow managed service provider base on this side of the Atlantic

PSA and RMM player Syncro has set its sights on expanding its presence in the UK market and reaching out to more managed service providers (MSPs) that are seeking a fresh partner.

The firm has a number of relationships here with the MSP community but wants to ramp that up after deciding to increase support for partners in the UK and committing to making it easier to work with VAT invoices.

Emily Glass, CEO of Syncro, said the firm expected the UK to become one of its most valuable markets, which was why it was making the step-up in support.

“I am really hoping to see a lot of adoption,” she said. “We have a good base of partners in the UK already and this has grown mostly through word of mouth.

“We are having an increased effort to service our partners in the UK. We have expanded sales and support hours as well, to make sure they are getting a higher quality of service from us.”

Glass said Syncro had a proposition that would appeal to MSPs and there was room to make an impact in a market that had other established competitors.

“Apart from launching an innovative, tightly coupled PSA and RMM, we also have a product price point which for an emerging MSP, someone who is value-conscious, is a really predictable, transparent pricing model for them,” she said.

The vendor hopes its increased support will attract more MSPs into the fold, with the door open to working with more partners.

“We are really focused on our channel partners and on MSPs.,” said Glass “A lot of folks at Syncro ran an MSP, or worked at an MSP. So, a lot of the language and the functionality that we’re building is really designed for a partner to adopt and use very specifically for their needs to grow and scale efficiently.”

She said the challenge was to ensure the firm could meet MSPs’ demands on a couple of fronts: “They are trying to keep up with all the technology and all the changes they need to offer their end-clients or prospective clients to help them be successful. There is a whole bunch of technology needs that they have to keep on top of the evolving threats and opportunities. On the other foot, they are running a small business.

“We really focus on those two things for MSPs, making sure they have all the tools that they need to serve their end-customers, and also making sure they have everything they need in a complete automated solution to help them run and grow a business, which is what they’re doing, really easily and efficiently.”

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