NetApp arming partners with more hybrid cloud options

Vendor NetApp announces a raft of product and service enhancements at Insight event, and points to the potential this will open up for partners

NetApp has used the backdrop of its Insight event to make a number of product announcements that deepen its hybrid cloud position.

The data player launched enhanced data services, more flexible consumption options and additional enhancements to its ONTAP data management software.

From a channel perspective, the Keystone Flex Subscription option should appeal to managed service providers (MSPs) and those pitching to customers that are wary of large capital expenditure (capex) investments.

César Cernuda, president of NetApp, said that around 80% of the vendor’s business went through partners and that it wanted to make it easier for partners to get NetApp products into the hands of customers.

“There’s a huge opportunity in that we’re basically unlocking a new, total addressable market for them,” he said. “What you’re going to see is three different types of partners. There are some partners that have been working with us for many years, and this is a great opportunity [for them].”

He added that there were other partners that wanted hybrid cloud and were waiting for NetApp to meet their needs, and another set of partners are asking for help to transform the business and want support from NetApp.

“We’re also going to have new partners joining us that have never worked with us,” he added. “Other ISVs that are starting to work with us to use our technology.”

Peter Wüst, NetApp vice-president and CTO of worldwide enterprise and commercial business, said the latest product announcements tapped into the direction that many partners were already heading in.

“What we give are new options, adding to cloud-native partners who are working with hyper scalers and are looking at NetApp – not for the on-premise stuff, but to build the hybrid cloud experience for their customers,” he said.

“It’s helping our partners to build managed services capabilities in leveraging the full portfolio – does it automatically mean that every partner you’ve had for 10-15 years is ready to make the jump? No. Most are embracing it and working with us on it, but many new partners are coming.”

Matt Watts, NetApp chief technology evangelist, said: “It’s good news. We don’t forget our partners. We are growing our business in the areas that our partners have always worked with us on, and what we’re doing now is creating opportunities, possibilities and growth areas, and inviting them to participate with us.”

Announcements from Insight

  • NetApp ONTAP data management software enhancements – the latest release uses machine learning and pre-emptive detection to counter ransomware attacks.
  • Enhanced data services that add digital wallet capabilities to NetApp Cloud Manager.
  • Additional flexible consumption options – the NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription, a storage-as-a-service offering with cloud-native integration, is now available more widely.
  • More accessible hybrid cloud expertise –  NetApp will provide additional support and professional services to make it even easier to access experts for step-by-step guidance as they transition to hybrid cloud.

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