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Nuvias Digital adds to distributors’ toolbox

Channel player increases the digital support that partners can tap into with a range of online services that can be accessed on-demand

Nuvias has increased the digital support it can provide to resellers with a range of services that should make life easier and help to get orders.

Nuvias Digital is a range of tools that partners can choose to use, including managing subscriptions and contracts, tracking orders and deliveries in real time and getting a sight of inventory and lead times.

Partners can also gain access to on-demand learning, syndicate social media feeds from vendors and on different solutions, and execute lead-generation campaigns.

Nuvias Digital will be open to all the distributor’s partners and the channel player is splitting the different elements into modules that can be consumed easily.

SkillUP will cover training and PowerUP is the term for the marketing and communication services that partners can tap into (see box).

Subscription services are another part of the Nuvias Digital offering, with the distributor enabling vendors to get their offerings into the hands of MSPs and channel partners looking to bolster that side of their business.

The overarching idea is that the channel will be in a better place to take advantage of customer investments in digital transformation, reacting more quickly and putting themselves in the shop window as a digital-savvy supplier.

The digital suite

  • Nuvias SkillUP: On-demand training.
  • Nuvias PowerUP: On-demand marketing and communications.
  • Nuvias Subscription Services: Automation and provisioning, including XaaS subscriptions for Watchguard, Kaspersky and embedded Nuvias Capital financing solutions, facilitating the transition to an annuity model, where vendors do not offer their own programmes.
  • Nuvias Supply Chain Portal: Real-time inventory and order tracking.

The distributor has also shown a response to the increased remote working trend, which has accelerated significantly over the past 18 months because of the pandemic, with a recognition that more partners want services such as training and marketing to be supplied on-demand to give them greater flexibility.

Karl Roe, vice-president, digital transformation and customer success at the Nuvias Group, said the world was going more digital and the suite of tools would support resellers with current and emerging needs.

“We are excited to open up access to the toolkit and, with it, to on-demand services that answer real partner requirements,” he said. “Nuvias Digital is built on the transparency, visibility, technical knowhow and business expertise the channel needs for digital enablement.

“Nuvias Digital automates the processes so that we can devote more time to personal, strategic conversations with our partners and customers. Choice is an essential quality of Nuvias Digital, as a fixed model, where one-size-fits-all does not answer real-world requirements.”

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