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Channel is key to supporting CyberGRX UK ambitions

Risk assessment specialist says partners will play a crucial role in its development in the market

CyberGRX has set its sights on building its presence in the UK and has identified that the channel is the best way to increase its activity in the market.

The firm specialises in helping customers complete third-party risk assessments and has shown it is able to free up hours that would have been spent duplicating answers as firms respond to information for tenders.

“It is about 20 to 30 hours in time saving if you reuse the CyberGRX assessment,” said Max Dalziel, director of strategic accounts, EMEA at CyberGRX.

The firm is coming to the UK with an established partner programme that is a couple of years old and a team with plenty of channel experience as it looks to replicate its US experience on this side of the Atlantic.

The vendor has a natural affinity with partners that specialise in data governance and compliance and is already working with some of those channel players.

“The partners who have expertise in governance, risk and compliance, and specifically risk management, will partner with us on the sale of the product, and then continue with their natural services offerings internally with that customer,” said Walter Specht. director, worldwide channel development and alliances at CyberGRX.

“If we’re going to meet the revenue requirements of our board and our stockholders, we have to rely on the channel. If you have a good product, a product that is beneficial to the market and customers, that’s step one. Step two is bringing on the right partners that can truly be a cohesive group of collaborators within our organisation to then go out and help us.”

Specht said risk was a hot topic that mattered to customers and, as a result, the firm was canvassing quite widely for partners and was open to working with different types, not just specialists in this area.

“Partners see it as a huge market, or a huge opportunity, because every single company in the world is talking about third-party risk today,” he said. “We’ve seen some huge breaches around the world in the last several months, if not the last several years, so every single company is talking about it and it’s a board-level problem. So, we’ve designed the the CyberGRX global partner programme to enable and train partners.

“That way, we can bring maybe some of the less experienced partners into early-stage opportunities, and let them see customers’ eyes light up when they get the value proposition. That’s the easiest way to get them up to speed.”

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