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CompTIA: Pressure on channel to change

Industry association is encouraging resellers to step out of their comfort zones and embrace change

As the channel starts to prepare to move from 2019 into a fresh year the chances are that the same challenges that have been a feature of the last twelve months will remain the main one’s resellers are facing in 2020.

CompTIA has been looking into its crystal ball to see what lies ahead and has come to the conclusion that the pressure will start to increase for those resellers that have yet to embrace change.

The industry association is not alone in describing the changing market conditions as ones that pose threats to those traditional players that are reliant on capex hardware and software sales.

“The channel firms that manage to thrive will be the ones who invest in skills training, expand their market reach to new customers and verticals, partner with potential competitors, and embrace emerging tech,” said Carolyn April, senior director, industry analysis, at CompTIA. “For many, this will mean getting out of their comfort zone.”

CompTIA has also made a prediction about the strength of tech spending next year as well as the top technology trends (see box) in its IT Industry Outlook 2020.

Growth predictions for the global IT industry have settled on the 3.7% mark, but there is an upside potential of 5.4% or a downside that could come in a 1.9%.

“This is a narrower forecast range than what we’ve seen in past years, suggesting industry executives are exercising a relatively high degree of caution in an unpredictable environment,” said Seth Robinson, senior director, industry analysis, at CompTIA.

Some of the themes that should be driving spending include more AI, a greater spread if IoT, increased focus on security and the consequences of the rollout of 5G increasing the prospects of it being a busy time for the channel.

“Some of the trends we’ve highlighted are in their early stages while others are approaching market-ready maturity. Similarly, any single trend will impact organisations at different times and in different ways,” added Robinson.

Just as has happened in the UK election with the move by Labour to offer broadband to everyone there are expectations that tech will be a major feature of the US campaign that will wrap up in November.

CompTIA’s 10 Trends to watch in 2020

  1. Tech-Washing Fades in Favour of Real Strategy
  2. Workforce Diversity Grows in Many Ways
  3. Tech Topics Are Front and Centre in U.S. Elections
  4. Hype Meets Reality with Emerging Technology
  5. Internet of Things Continues to Redefine IT Architecture
  6. Artificial Intelligence Eats the World
  7. Demand for Integration Leads to Demand for Automation
  8. Cybersecurity Becomes More Operational
  9. Deep Fakes and 5G Exacerbate the Data Management Challenge
  10. Tech Industry Regulation Stirs Fears

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