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Betty Blocks rolls out UK channel programme

Dutch firm has set up a formal programme for partners just six months after entering the UK market

The no-code development platform player Betty Blocks has moved to set up its first UK channel programme just six months after the Dutch firm arrived in the country.

The firm is rolling out the welcome mat to those partners that are looking to speed up application development for users and has already signed up Holygrow in March.

“We’re looking for a first wave of Betty Blocks implementation channel partners in the UK,” says Tom Oudhuis, vp of partner & channel management at Betty Blocks. “We’re aiming for leading companies in the software development, digital transformation and business acceleration space.”

“The Betty Blocks no-code platform allows people with little to no programming experience to build complex enterprise-grade applications,” added Oudhuis. “The platform allows our partners to create applications without recruiting more coders, but by engaging a different type of developer: the Citizen Developer. This approach enables companies to speed up development and deliver more customised software projects.”

“Because Betty Blocks is a visual modelling environment (rather than a programming language), it empowers your business users to build applications. In turn, your professional IT team provides them with governance and support, ultimately resulting in a better alignment between the business and IT," added Oudhuis “We are looking for partners who are passionate about finding better ways to serve their customers, are committed to invest in training and marketing, and have a clear and specific industry focus."

The partner programme follows a fairly familar pattern with training, support and marketing resources being made available to those that sign up.

The channel has been urged in the past to increase its developer skills not only to deliver a wider choice of services to customers but also to increase the value of their operations through the creation of IP.

Back in 2012 president and CEO of Canalys Steve Brazier told attendees at its Channel Forum event that they had to become developers to be in a position to exploit the growing shift towards app enterprise stores.

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