Advanced brings more mainframe options to UK with GT Software

GT Software gets a chance to get into the UK market via an exclusive partnership with Advanced

IBM mainframe specialist Advanced has signed a deal with US player GT Software to add more options to those customers using Big Blue's technology.

GT has developed the Ivory Suite, which allows a no-code drag and drop offering that gives those with IBM mainframes the chance to add API integrations.

IBM's mainframe celebrated its half century in 2014 and for many is seen as the very definition of 'legacy hardware'.

Advanced has secured an exclusive relationship to both deliver and support the product in the UK and it will give the firm a proposition that should appeal to those customers dealing with legacy technology integration issues.

“We’ve had significant success helping organisations integrate or migrate from legacy systems – such as VMS and VME – to more modern technology environments. But as digital transformation accelerates across all organisations, we recognise that IBM mainframe integration can help broaden our portfolio," said Tim Jones, managing director, application modernisation, at Advanced.

"GT Software’s integration tool will help us accelerate our application modernisation plans and boost the value we can offer to customers, allowing them to extend the value of their existing investment in IBM mainframe systems," he added.

Wilson Rains, vice president of global alliances at GT Software, said that it had chosen to work with a UK firm with a track record as it looked at international expansion.

"Partnering with Advanced gives us a strong and effective route to market in the UK (and Europe). We’re confident this will help to replicate the success we’ve already achieved in North America," he said.

"Businesses all over the world still operate complex IT infrastructures, made up of dated, long-standing yet proven legacy systems, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to innovate,” he added.

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