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Mid-sized firms taking risks to get digital

Aruba discovers medium sized firms are under pressure to digitally transform their business

Evidence has emerged that indicates mid-sized firms do not have the internal capacity to deal with the demands of digital transformation.

HPE Aruba has taken a look at what's happening with medium-sized businesses globally and produced its Hidden Middle report, revealing that many are taking risks with data because they are under pressure to quickly digitise their operations.

There is clear pressure on most mid-sized firms to keep up with competitors and that is leading to many taking security risks with data to try and keep up with the pace. Three quarters of medium-sized business employees admitted they had taken risks with company data in the past year.

Aruba found that medium sized firms were the most active users of workplace technology with many adopting emerging technologies ahead of larger enterprises. Around a quarter have invested in cloud storage and cyber security is also getting budget.

This should provide those in the channel with security knowledge and a track record in successfully delivering digital transformation projects with a chance to step in and help customers.

“As the adoption and integration of technology becomes a bigger priority across the corporate spectrum, medium-sized businesses have a distinct opportunity. Though often forgotten in the digital transformation conversation – with the focus instead on how large companies are struggling to adapt or smaller businesses are seizing the ability to scale – it is medium-sized businesses whose employees show the agility and willingness to make better use of technology and understanding of the opportunities it brings. The key is enabling them to do so," said Morten Illum, vp of EMEA at Aruba.

Whichever way the customer turns, to the channel or internally, Aruba is recommending more training and support for staff to avoid security risks being made.

"For medium-sized businesses to realize the full value of their investments and eliminate the risks, their leaders must ensure employees are given the training and support needed to make both productive and safe use of the new tools," said Illum.

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