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This could be the year for those selling networking infrastructure

Extreme Networks is expecting a swing this year in favour of those pitching infrastructure offerings

The idea was that the world was moving to software and hosted applications and the days of selling hardware might be coming to an end but that might not be the case in the networking world.

Although most of last year was dominated about hype around software defined networking and SD-WAN the market remains at an early adopter stage for many customers and there is plenty of life in infrastructure products.

Extreme Networks is predicting that this year could see a shift in focus, from software and apps back to infrastructure with plenty of improvements on offer in that category.

Resellers can talk about 'intelligent hardware', which works in an environment where customers are using more AI and machine learning tools. There are also multi-rate switches and next gen wifi offerings to pitch.

“For 2019, the installed base of IoT devices is forecast to grow to almost 27bn worldwide according to Statista. Most businesses are expecting growth in traffic on their Wi-Fi networks, and it’s crucial that they get prepared and implement a future-proof IT network," said John Morrison, VP, Extreme Networks.

Morrison said that customers had to upgrade to the latest wifi, IEEE 802.11ax, and that could also create a need for more infrastructure spending.

"Implementing a solution that is compatible with on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments is equally important. In addition, for businesses who want to maximise the effectiveness of their network, they should also look to invest in intelligent solutions that utilise machine learning," he said.

"With the right network technologies, businesses can roll out new applications with the click of a button and easily out-innovate their competitors which will ultimately help maintain their competitive edge," he added.

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