CompTIA flags emerging tech the channel needs to get to grips with

The industry organisation has shared the top ten emerging technologies that are set to have an impact on the channel and users

Industry association CompTIA continues to try and identify areas where the channel needs support with the focus turning on emerging technologies.

In the past the group has set out to increase knowledge in areas like cloud and security and has set up a member community that is looking into emerging technologies and how they can be used by customers.

The member community includes some heavy hitters with Michael Haines, director of partner incentive strategy and program design at Microsoft and Vice Chairman Jay McBain, principal analyst for global channels with Forrester, both on board.

The community has identified 10 technologies that it expects to have an impact on the channel and customers over the next few yuears.

That list includes IoT, AI, 5G and some technologies that have been around for a while but should make more of an impact in the next few years like 3D printing and biometrics.

The ten to watch

1.    Internet of Things
2.    Automation
3.    Artificial Intelligence
4.    Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
5.    5G Wireless
6.    3D Printing
7.    Drones
8.    Biometrics
9.    Blockchain
10.    Quantum Computing

“It’s an exciting time for innovation on many fronts,” said Estelle Johannes, director, member communities, CompTIA UK. “The challenge for many organisations is to separate hype from reality, and to identify those new technologies that make the most sense for them. We’ve recruited some of the brightest minds in our industry to help lead that effort.”

The group will not only identify technologies that should have an impact but will also be looking at the channel's path to selling them, detailing certification processes and the skills required to take them on board.

“The channel is looking to cut through the consumer hype and build practices around those technologies that provide near-term and profitable extensions to their businesses,” said McBain from Forrester.

”These 10 technologies were stack-ranked by partners who are engaging with customers and finding interesting niches in the market," he added.

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