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Channel urged to keep foot on GDPR pedal as deadline looms

With just a month to go the arrival of GDPR those customers that are not ready should not give up on trying to get set for the data regulations

Time never stops moving and it has reached the point where the data protection GDPR regulations are now just one month away and it's a matter of days until the EU regulations come into force.

Throughout the countdown to the arrival of GDPR there have been numerous pieces of research that have broadly concluded that around 60% of customers are not fully prepared.

Despite the deadline now being just a few weeks away those users that have not got ready are being urged to continue to try.

"In recent months, we’ve seen companies striving to gain complete visibility and control of their data – from what information is stored, to who owns it, who has access and how it is used. Implementing a holistic approach to achieve this will mean personal data can be stored, managed and used effectively and on-demand," said Tamzin Evershed, senior director and global privacy lead at Veritas.

"But, as the impending deadline fast approaches, it’s imperative that businesses don’t fall at the finish line," she added that successful companies were those that were compliant with data management rules.

Others in the industry echoed the calls for the compliance efforts to continue countering the attitude of some users to 'wait and see' which of their peers gets caught out first. Once the severity of the punishment is guaged they could then react accordingly.

“There is simply no time to waste when it comes to GDPR. With just one month to go now, this can be a daunting time for organisations yet to fulfil their data compliance plans," said Michiel Jorna, global director industry solutions at Software AG.

His advice is to start to use more automation to take the burden of some aspects of data management off the IT department.

"With GDPR right around the corner, all organisations will be expected to manage risk combined with the high pressure of data overload. Clearly, there is no time to waste. Emerging technologies must be embraced to prepare for the 25th May," he added.

A last minute rush does seem to be happening with data compliance player GRC International Group reporting that website visits were up by 54% in the first quarter this year.

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