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Couchbase formalises channel relationships

The engagement database player has launched a global partner programme to support its reseller base

First there were transactional databases, then analytical platforms emerged and in a digital age technology that can track customer engagement is coming to the fore.

With engagement database technology increasing in popularity a channel has emerged to handle the technology and support those enterprise customers looking for help tracking the communications made with purchasers.

One of the players in that market, Couchbase, has decided that now is the time to formalise its relationships with the channel.

The firm has relationships with around 150 partners but so far it has largely been on an ad hoc basis and in an attempt to reward them for loyalty and attract more to the fold the firm has launched a global partner programme.

Steve Jackson, Couchbase EMEA business development and alliances director, said that it was offering some of the things partners had been asking for, including deal registration, and its PartnerEngage programme would also increase training resources and sales support.

"When you go through this process and build a programme you look at the give and the gets to create that [system that ] we can build on together," he said.

"It is great to put all the things into one place. One of the things that we have offered is an opportunity registration programme, which we are doing for the first time," he added.

The PartnerEngage programme has just a couple of levels - registered and advanced - trying to encourage more resellers to sign up for a data base market that could be valued at $40bn.

Jackson said that as well as working with enterprise facing resellers it had also seen a number of smaller players emerging that wanted to sell database technology and services into specific verticals, which had expanded its market reach.

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