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October 2013

Heavy clouds need optimising for ISV growth

The shift away from on premise towards cloud computing continues unabated. Yet while the business reasons for handing over this non-core activity to a third party add up, is the financial model really as compelling as promised? In reality, with upwards of 80% of UK hosted providers still using outdated technology to deliver their so-called cloud deployments, the business case is being supported by plummeting communications costs – not the smart use of innovative, cloud optimised technologies. From the ISV trying to create a viable cloud-based revenue stream to the corporate looking to put Big Data and Analytics into the cloud, Neil Cornish, managing director, M7 Managed Services (www.m7ms.co.uk), insists it is time for hosted providers to come clean, move away from inappropriate technologies and embrace the dedicated cloud appliances that will truly realise the cloud vision. Companies are moving into the cloud for sound business reasons. Whether it is the Financial Director looking to replace the Capex model with Opex, the IT ...

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