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December 2023

Seven steps to a successful CX journey

No matter what part of the technology channel you operate in, if your customers don’t stay with you on your journey, your business will struggle, and you will find it increasingly difficult to attract and onboard new ones. This is why customer experience (CX) should always be the primary focus at every level of the technology channel. It’s not rocket science – a happy customer base usually guarantees repeat business, a trusted reputation and, most importantly of all, solid foundations for growth. According to a PwC customer study, 73% of respondents claimed experience was an important factor in their purchasing decisions, coming a close third place behind price and product quality. Additionally, a Forrester study showed that 41% of customer-obsessed companies achieved at least 10% revenue growth in their last fiscal year, compared with just 10% of less mature companies. Although each customer journey is different, and every customer will have different demands and needs, focusing on the seven key areas below will mean you have a...

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