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December 2017

CompTIA: IT world has to respond to the costs of automation

The channel has been warned that it has a role to play and cannot sit on the sidelines as increasing automation and AI puts many traditional jobs at risk. Speaking at the CompTIA member and partner conference in London the industry lobby group's CEO Todd Thibodeaux said that thousands of jobs could be at risk as technology replaces an increasing number of roles. Driverless vehicles could put many in the transport industry out into the cold and there are moves by retailers to use more automation and self-service technology that could spur redundancies there. The response of the channel is not only to prepare for that changing world by making sure its own sales people are skilled up and ready to add value but that there is an open mind about taking on more workers from other fields to plug the skills and employment gap. "The industry is going to be facing a lot of challenges in the future. we have all these new technologies like AI, robotics, VR, machine learning, autonomous vehicles that have the potential to displace lots of ...

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