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September 2018

Storage roundtable: Cloud and MSPs

Digital transformation is a buzz phrase that is being used in almost every channel conversation to describe the activities customers are undertaking to make sure they remain relevant. What it means for the channel in practical terms is plenty of spending on infrastructure and for those operating in the storage world it has also had an impact. The aim of the roundtable is to gauge just how much of an impact it has had on the storage world and just what it means for vendors and their partners. The best place to start is to get the view from the coalface and to find out just what is happening with digital transformation. SCOTT REYNOLDS: Generally when we get engaged in digital transformation projects, much of the decision-making process around how to best drive a new digital strategy has already happened inside the business. It’s usually then left to the IT teams to actually implement these changes and solve any problems along the way, and so they will often consult a partner like us during these stages. ‘Digital transformation’ ...

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