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January-February 2024

Why understanding the four phases of cloud reselling is key to growth

It may be something of an old saying now, but giving customers what they want still seems like a pretty good idea. While customers know their desired business outcomes – more sales, happier customers and so on – they often do not know how technology can help them achieve those goals. When it comes to cloud computing, this is amplified, as the cloud can be a confusing market to navigate. That’s why, for partners, this is a big opportunity to differentiate. The problem that most customers face is complexity, not just in terms of understanding and then managing different types of cloud-based infrastructure but also licenses and costs. The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Survey recently found that 86% of organisations agree that moving applications can be complex and costly. What this means for resellers is opportunity, not just in designing and implementing cloud strategies but also in services. As Peter Bryant, research analyst at Canalys said recently, “cloud environments are becoming ever more complex and this presents new ...

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