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June 2023

Is it much fun being an MSP?

I can’t believe that I’ve been writing about MSPs for all these years and the question has never occurred to me before. It’s not just MSPs, though, it’s also other types of outsourcers. I’m not saying that being an MSP isn’t important. I think we all appreciate that MSPs play a significant, if not critical, role for many of their customers. Why wouldn’t they be? The selling point for most MSPs is that they can provide a service to a higher standard than a customer could do itself because they usually have more expertise in the service they provide, manage and support. The “we do this for a living” argument is pretty compelling for many of those who don’t. So there’s no surprise in the inexorable rise of the MSP. From a channel perspective, it’s a natural progression from the previous reseller/VAR incarnation that so many partners worked under. After all, channel companies went from selling boxes to selling solutions to selling services. It’s hardly revolutionary for them to combine all of those elements together, add a remote ...

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