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January 2022

Dell CTO’s predictions focus on edge, mobility, data and security

It is that time of year when crystal balls are dusted off and gazed into as companies try to get a sense of where revenues will be coming from in 2022 and beyond. Among those taking part in the predictions exercise is Dell Technologies president and chief technology officer (CTO) John Roese, who shared his thoughts about where excitement will be generated in the year ahead. There four main things he chose to highlight as making an impact in 2022 were edge, private mobility, data management and security. The edge divide On the edge front, he said conversations on the topic would start to split between platforms and workflows/software stacks. “I think the world is coalescing around things that aren’t in datacentres, that are part of the modern application and data pipelines, from a topology perspective, under this domain of edge that’s now starting to form,” he said. “We are now realising that there is a significant proliferation of edges. What that means is that each of the data pipelines – the cloud services, the data services, ...

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