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March 2018

The price of happiness

It’s a key tenet for many employers that they try to ensure employees are content, because the happier staff are, the less likely they are to move. That’s great if you’re the employer with the happy worker, but not so great if you’re an organisation trying to recruit someone in a market where there are shortages of qualified people. In a world where certain skills are in short supply, it behoves companies to try to ensure the people they have with those skills are as happy as possible so they are less tempted to look elsewhere. But if you’re the unfortunate business trying to find one of those people with a rare skill, how do you entice them into jumping ship? How can you promise them that they will be more happy or content if they join your company? How do you even start trying to make that quantifiable? Do you take everything the other employer offers and then add more on top? What counts as “more” in this instance? Part of an employee’s happiness may be the work environment, some of it may be the short commute, the flexible ...

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