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November 2013

Should we all wear jumpers to save energy bills?

The current controversy over rising energy prices is interesting for a number of reasons. First because of the way Ed Miliband caught the government (Conservatives and Liberal Democrats alike) flat-footed with his pledge to freeze energy prices for 20 months if Labour wins the next election. There’s no doubt that the pledge resonated with many voters. The response of the governing parties and most newspapers appeared to owe more to the interests of the energy companies than their customers (and voters). And energy companies like SSE, British Gas and Npower haven’t done their cause any favours by jacking up their prices in the meantime. Anyway, from an IT angle, the saga has provided a couple of noteworthy points. First, there was the embarrassing Twitter car crash when British Gas decided to invite questions from customers using the #AskBG hashtag just after it announced price rises of over 10%. The company received more than 16,000 comments, nearly all of derogatory. Then a government minister suggested one way to beat the ...

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