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February 2019

What lies ahead in the storage world

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And so is a good memory. As many people in the IT industry will tell you, some trends follow the same patterns over and over again. Some challenges will be overcome and create success stories. Others will prove unsurmountable (or not cost-effectively so) and will see vendors come and go quicker than some trade shows. Knowledge of what has come before is a great tool when trying to forecast what is yet to come; here we talk to some industry leaders about their views of what 2019 has in store for the data storage industry. It will come as no surprise that the cloud is still going to be one of the biggest discussion points over the next 12 months. Michael Amselem, VP of international sales at CTERA Networks, a provider of secure enterprise file services, told Microscope: "In 2019 it will all be about the “fit” between the channel and the cloud customer, and specifically how resellers can zero in on the specific and evolving needs of enterprise, SMB, or government customers. We know there’s a certain ...

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