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June 2013

This you call service?

Resellers who just sell products are not long for this world, we’re told. They’re doomed because the margins on products are minimal, and people want service. So resellers need to change culture. So when is a service a service? What is a service culture? I can’t find a definition anywhere. If there’s one on the internet, they obviously haven’t tagged it very well. So if a reseller wants to stop whatever it is they do, and become more like a service provider, whatever it is they do, what habits should they change? Any ideas? To get the ball rolling, here’s some amateur suggestions. In my opinion, nobody can call themselves a service provider if: They take longer than 10 seconds to answer the phone The person who answers the phone hasn’t got a clue who you are. Or what you do. They make you explain yourself, all over again, to every person you speak to as you’re passed around the entire building Nobody can explain what their company actually does, in terms that a layman will understand. (“We provide IT solutions” means nothing. ...

Features in this issue

  • This you call service?

    by  Nick Booth

    Nick Booth tries to get to grips with the question of what are really the differences between a VAR and a service provider