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March-April 2024

Logicalis CEO identifies reasons to be optimistic about 2024

The CEO of Logicalis has shared thoughts on what areas will be driving the business this year, with security, artificial intelligence (AI) and sustainability vying to be top of the list. The channel player’s CEO, Bob Bailkoski, is feeling optimistic about the year ahead and in getting to a point where customers are more comfortable making IT investments. There are three areas that are dominating customer conversations around artificial intelligence, security and sustainability. Users want to unlock the promised benefits of AI, know they have to protect their data, and acknowledge that – with it revealed that 2023 was the hottest ever – the quest to get to carbon neutral must continue. On the AI front, it’s clear customers are embracing the technology, and 2024 will see sales of technologies that are capable of exploiting artificial intelligence rise further. “Broadening out AI data in itself will continue to be a really important topic for our customers, as well as taking advantage of the benefits that artificial intelligence ...

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