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March-April 2024

How can security vendors react to the growing AI threat?

To get an idea of what 2024 would hold, distributor e92plus quizzed vendors about their expectations for the year ahead, focusing on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and the growing concerns around its effect on cyber security. The automation of AI in cyber attacks Dirk Schrader, field CISO for EMEA and vice-president of security research at Netwrix The use of automation will continue to increase, heavily affecting the way attackers plan and execute their activities. End-to-end automation will encompass artificial intelligence deployment for creating phishing emails, fake websites and responses to foreseeable circumstances. This escalation will accelerate the pace of cyber crime. The entire sequence – from reconnaissance, weaponisation, delivery, infiltration, installation, command and control, to actions on tar- gets – will advance to a new level. Nevertheless, automation won’t eliminate the necessity to exploit credentials privileges and vulnerabilities. Addressing the challenge posed by AI-powered attacks requires ...

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