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February 2017

Questions we must ask about the cloud and the channel

Unlike many of the corporate Yes Men of the IT industry, we journalists are never afraid of looking silly. So we thought we’d put some odd questions to veteran cloud expert Michael Frisby, who is managing director of Vuzion and Cobweb Solutions. in an attempt to solve some of the mysteries of the channel. What was it like being a cloud pioneer in the days when the word ‘cloud’ meant ATM networking? Tough. Most of the time was spent educating customers on the mode of delivery rather than the solution itself and none of the solutions provided were designed to be delivered as a cloud service. I doubt the Microsoft Exchange 2000 team had even heard the term “multi-tenancy”, which is when we started looking at providing Hosted Exchange. In those days wasn’t the ASP model very similar in ambition to today’s version of the cloud? Yes it was. I was responsible for setting up the Microsoft ASP Forum back in 1999 and Cobweb was one of the founding members, in fact we are the only surviving company from that time when Microsoft first ...

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