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November 2022

Powering strong partnerships for successful digital transformation

Due to the ever-increasing demand for data processing, storage and analytics, the cloud continues to disrupt the software industry rapidly, encouraging companies with traditional on-premise applications to invest in new hybrid and multicloud solutions. Currently, 60% of corporate data worldwide is stored in the cloud. Also, the percentage of organisations committed to, or interested in, a hybrid cloud strategy has grown from 81% to 93% since 2017, and that figure will only continue to rise. Although the benefits of a cloud-first strategy are significant, so too is the complexity. Companies that are achieving the highest degree of success in helping their customers with their migrations are doing so through the power of partnerships. In fact, more than 75% of CEOs with businesses in the technology, media and telecom sector rate partnerships as “important” or “critical” to their business, according to PwC. This shift was accelerated by a need for organisations to digitally transform during the pandemic and cloud-based companies ...

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