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April 2017

Fear of further price rises once Article 50 is triggered

The worst of the price rises might appear to be behind the industry with Microsoft's recent Surface hike coming long after other hardware manufacturers had reacted to exchange rate fluctuations, but there are fears the triggering of Article 50 could spark further problems. The government is going through the process of getting into a position where it can trigger Article 50 and formally begin to leave the European Union with this month the target that the Prime Minister had been working towards. But so far each time a major Brexit development has occurred the impact on the value of the pound has been swift and fairly dramatic and some are getting prepared for more potential issues with prices. So far the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple and Microsoft have raised hardware prices between 10-15% and software prices by 20%, but there could be potentially more to follow. “A host of political events have thrown currency markets into turmoil and the pound in particular has been hit hard. Now that we know a hard Brexit is almost certain...

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