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Enterprise Hardware

The traditional enterprise hardware market has expanded well beyond desktop PCs and servers and now includes business laptops and tablets. In addition, there are growing markets for resellers that can provide printers, consumables and audio visual devices. This section of the site will provide the latest news surrounding the enterprise hardware market and computer hardware requirements in terms of products and channel sales. More about Enterprise Hardware

Networking and Telecommunications

From traditional switching and routing equipment, desk phones and PBXs through to cutting-edge wireless and mobile technology, networking and telecommunications is a dynamic marketplace that has become indispensible to businesses both large and small. In this section you will find all the latest news and insight on IT network services to help you optimise your business strategy in this sector. More about Networking and Telecommunications

Cloud Computing Services

This section delivers news and analysis around the latest developments in cloud computing, including the emerging standards in the cloud computing services market. The move away from the use of just private clouds to a more hybrid or public cloud architecture is also going to take place over the next couple of years as customers try out the different platform options including SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. More about Cloud Computing Services

Channel Business Management

Resellers are themselves businesses, and they need to know what business management best practices they should be following. This section will provide the latest trends in channel partner programmes, stories about how to deal with staffing issues, selling and managing customers as well as the latest updates on what is happening in the world of finance and credit. More about Channel Business Management

Data Storage Services

The biggest challenges in the storage market are not just dealing with the ever growing amount of data that users are generating, but also managing and manipulating that information. Resellers have a wide number of data storage services options to put in front of customers including NAS, SAN, Storage-as-a-Service. More about Data Storage Services

Information Security Services

With a threat landscape that continues to multiply and extend the dangers for users online, the security industry has a major role to play keeping data and online commerce safe. A range of information security options for resellers include securing the network, desktop with products including anti-virus, firewalls and identity management solutions and services. More about Information Security Services

Software Applications and Services

The software market is a side of the IT industry that is home to some of the largest names in the business, but the growth in open source software has shown it is not just all about Windows. As well as the operating system competition, there have also been changes in the way software can be delivered with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) becoming more popular. This section of the site will cover all of the latest software applications and services issues. More about Software Applications and Services