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A chance to promote the need for backup

The arrival of World Backup Day should enable the channel to give customers a nudge over their approach to data management

It might not have the resonance of a birthday or a significant anniversary, but World Backup Day has arrived with a chance for resellers to use the moment to encourage customers to review their storage strategies.

The shift to cloud-based applications and storage options has increased the need for customers to back up, but many remain lackadaisical in their approach.

World Backup Day is a chance for the storage community to remind users that they need to keep on top of their data.

“World Backup Day serves as a powerful reminder to individuals and organisations alike to prioritise their data backups, and to take proactive steps toward safeguarding valuable digital assets,” said Eric Simmons, CEO of Asigra.

“With cyber threats on the rise and natural disasters looming, it’s not a matter of if but when data loss will occur. Therefore, we remind everyone to reflect on this and take action toward securing data on-premise, in the cloud and across your SaaS app ecosystem,” he added.

Stephen O’Brien, chief marketing officer at M247, said there where risks if backup strategies were not kept up to date.

“For many businesses, backup and recovery capabilities are still no match for the complex threats faced today,” he added. “The continued rise of hybrid working, combined with a growing number of business applications, has meant a large increase in the number of access points and devices used by everyone within a company.” 

Camellia Chan, CEO and founder at X-PHY, agreed that today should be an opportunity to remind users of what they could lose by failing to keep on top of backup.

“World Backup Day serves as a reminder that all data is in a state of perpetual risk. From family photos to highly sensitive business information, the data we backup is precious, and something we don’t want compromised,” she said.

There were also fears that some of the existing approaches were not up to speed with the changes that had happened in recent times to most customer IT environments.

“Organisations today must be prepared not just for backup and recovery, but for instant access and instant operations at enterprise scale. To adapt and survive in today’s data intensive, AI-driven world, an organisation’s business critical applications require the right infrastructure and restore capabilities to provide immediate access to their data to reinstitute the IT operations necessary to run their business and deliver value to customers,” said George Axberg III, vice-president of data protection division at VAST Data.

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