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Cloud print management set to dominate over next few years

Research from Quocirca paints a picture of a customer base moving to the cloud over the next few years, as it reacts to hybrid working

The next few years will see a shift in favour of cloud printing, as customers look to choose technology that will support a hybrid working model.

The result of that shift is the emergence of cloud print management services being developed and pitched to users.

Quocirca’s Cloud print services report 2022 looks ahead to what will happen in the market between now and 2025, with it clear that a shift to cloud is going to be one of the main developments.

Cloud services were flagged as the top investment area, and the shift to hosted comes at a time when 45% of customers have already implemented remote print job submission options to help hybrid workers.

Along with changes to working patterns, the shift to cloud print management also touched on a couple of the other main trends, with customers feeling it was often more secure than on-premise options, as well as a way of helping to reach sustainability targets.

A message for the channel also emerged from the analyst house report, with it clear that being able to support cloud was a key factor in the customer choice of managed print services partner, with 38% stating it influenced the partner they opted to work with.

The research also found that 40% of customers viewed moving to the cloud as the catalyst for starting to work with an MPS, underlining the importance of being able to support those users.

Cloud adoption

There was another challenge for MPS players that were enjoying a strong relationship with their customers, because it appeared those that have gone all-in with managed print were lagging in cloud adoption compared with firms that had been more hybrid in their printing approach.

“There has been a swift acceleration in the pace of cloud adoption, and particularly where cloud print management is concerned,” said Quocirca research director Louella Fernandes.

“The combined drivers of the need to support the hybrid workplace with secure, flexible infrastructure, and to enhance sustainability strategies, have acted as a catalyst, and we expect momentum to continue.

“There is a clear opportunity here for MPS providers to support their customers through the transition,” she said. “However, the more traditional MPS providers may not have the necessary cloud expertise to act on this opportunity. Unless they invest rapidly in developing a cloud offering, they will find themselves at a disadvantage compared with competitors who are more cloud-ready.

“Certainly, with 40% of respondents saying that moving to the cloud is a top benefit of MPS, those providers that cannot meet this need will suffer,” said Fernandes.

The main findings

  • Some 31% put cloud services as the top investment priority in 2022.
  • Almost half (45%) have implemented remote print job submission.
  • A convincing 87% believe the cloud is more secure than an on-premise platform.
  • Cloud print deployment forms part of the sustainability strategy for 80%.
  • Cloud provision is a key MPS supplier selection factor, with 38% saying it influences their provider choice.
  • Some 40% say transitioning print services to the cloud is a key driver for MPS adoption.

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