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Datto: Still plenty of appetite in the UK for the MSP model

The UK might be a mature market in terms of the adoption of managed services but there is a lot of mileage to go as SME needs become more complex

Mark Simon has wrapped up his first six months at Datto and just got through the managed service provider specialist’s partner and customer event. 

His brief on joining as managing director of EMEA back in June was to help the company expand and so far he has been making sure that the business has the right people in place to support those ambitions. 

In his travels across the region he manages what has become clear is the need for tailored support for different countries, with MSPs working at different paces depending on the territory. Datto has been reaching out to those in the channel looking to drive their managed services businesses forward with sales and marketing support. 

“It is easy to generalise and not everyone is on the same page and there are lots of levels of difference in each country,” he said. 

Simon said that last week’s DattoCon underlined to the partners that the firm had a strong roadmap, was increasing support for MSPs and was in the market for the long haul. 

“We are here for the partners and here for the long term,” he added “We get what the MSPs need and it is something we care about.” 

He added that as the business geared up for 2020 there were plenty of positive signs about the market and there were plenty of opportunities for expansion. 

“Even in the more mature markets, like the UK and the Netherlands, we see a huge appetitie for the MSP model,” he said. 

On the product front Datto has been looking to make it easier for MSPs to use its offerings and Aaron Dun,  vp of product & growth marketing at Datto, talked about the interconnectedness of its RMM and PSA and the need to arm MSPs with the ability to perform a cloud restore for customers. 

“We are committed to the MSP channel and we want them to succeed as a business,” he added that it was looking for areas, like security, where partners could add even more value. 

“Right now hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent through the MSP channel though [that is a segment that can grow] and that’s just a fraction of the millions of dollars that are available,” he added. 

He added that the complexities of the SME market meant that those customers were looking for support and were reaching out to more MSPs and were looking to use a large number of applications and services. 

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