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Enterprise growth delivers strong year at UKFast

Cloud player has shared its 2018 numbers showing that revenues have increased by double digits

A growth in demand from enterprise customers looking for private or hybrid cloud support has helped UKFast deliver strong numbers for its last financial year.

The firm has released its accounts for 2018 showing a 12% increase in organic revenue and a climb to £53.9m in revenues from £48.3m a year earlier.

The enterprise hosting division saw the biggest improvement, with it now accounting for 43% of total sales and the business increased headcount by 23% as it looked to bring on board more cloud security, networks and remote desktop services expertise.

“We continue to invest heavily in R&D, building the products our customers tell us they need. This, coupled with the hard work our team puts in every day, helps us to keep delivering double-digit growth," said UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones.

“We also put a huge amount of effort into training and developing our teammates, investing in their growth, which is essential to ensure they provide the best possible support to our clients," he added.

Last year also saw UKFast take a minority private equity investment from InFlexion Private Equity and Jones hinted that it would be looking to build on its overseas business in FY19.

“As the demands of our customers evolve we are expanding our network globally, with new points of presence in Amsterdam, Seattle and Washington. The opportunities this investment gives us are hugely exciting," he said.

Jones shared his thoughts yesterday on the victory of Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party leadership contest, arguing that the prospects for investment in the public sector were higher with the newly chosen Prime Minister.

"Boris Johnson has to address the public sector, which has been undervalued for a significant period now. We need more police on the streets and we need proper pay increases for the emergency services, nurses and teachers," he added "Right now we need to invest our money in this country and in our public services, so cutting taxes may win a few hearts and minds in a very small minority, but it's not what the country needs. I want a strong economy where everybody prospers."  

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