StorCentric eases channel concerns after Nexsan and Drobo deals

The newly-formed storage player has indicated that it will be business as usual for those partners of its acquisition targets

Nexsan and Drobo channel partners have been assured that there will be continuity after both firms were snapped up earlier this week by StorCentric.

The decision by the newly formed storage player to use acquisition to gain marketshare will send ripples out across the market with the prospect of more deals to come.

StorCentric only came out of stealth mode earlier this week, describing itself as a "customer-centric storage solutions company," and indicated that it was picking up Nexsan and Drobo to gain technology that appealed to both enterprise and SME customers.

Following the deal both brands will continue and be run as individual business units and there was a commitment in the announcement for each business to: "Continue to support their customers, partners, and channel community to ensure continuity".

“Nexsan has a remarkable line of enterprise class storage solutions that address complex business requirements while Drobo has best in class prosumers and SMBs. Both are critical components of StorCentric,” said Mihir Shah, CEO of StorCentric.

“StorCentric is strongly positioned for future growth and innovation in the storage industry. We will continue to execute on our growth strategy, both organic and through acquisitions. Our focus will be on additional software and hardware products that address the needs of our customers and partners," he added.

The firm has already indicated that it is looking at a couple more targets and the business is going to be using an indirect model.

The lack of overlap between the two acquired firms will gives partners the potential chance to pitch a broader solution once the integration has bedded down.

“Both Drobo and Nexsan have been developing new integration points to the evolving hybrid cloud world and these acquisitions give us the opportunity to work together on developing solutions which automatically optimize both, on-premises and on-cloud information management and governance," said Gary Watson, founder and CTO of Nexsan.

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