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Carphone Warehouse Business rolls out dealer reward programme

Taking a lead from established reward programmes available in the IT channel the firm has launched one to appeal to mobile dealers

Carphone Warehouse Business has made a nod to existing vendor channel partner programmes with the launch of its own dealer reward scheme.

Incentivising partners with rewards, points that can be spent personally or across a business on tech and travel, is a well established technique used by vendors trying to foster loyalty from resellers.

Carphone Warehouse Business operates in a market that has not traditionally used reward schemes, and it claims its decision to offer one is makes it the only current offering in the mobile distribution market.

Its 'Reward Me' programme will reward those dealers that deliver new connections and upgrades with more on offer for bringing on board high value customers.

The scheme has a fairly low bar to get dealers going, with a requirement for 10 new connections a quarter to unlock the chance to get rewards.

Dealers can register staff to share out the rewards at their own discretion and use it as a tool to drive internal sales activity.

There is also an opportunity for dealers to work towards becoming part of the O2 Approved Stockist programme and the EE Select programme.

“In an increasingly competitive marketplace, dealers have never been more important to the success of our business. That’s why we’re launching the new ‘Reward Me’ programme, to thank them for their hard work so far and to incentivise them to keep working with us," said Theresa Williams, marketing manager at Carphone Warehouse Business.

“We conducted a study amongst our partners asking what they wanted from an incentives and reward perspective, and the response was overwhelming in the favour of a flexible, scalable programme that everyone could be part of, with that all important element to pass on the rewards to well deserving team members," she added.

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