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March 2013

You, cloud salesman, are something of a CAD

A new 1&1 TV ad aims to educate SMEs about the latest necessary elements needed in 2013 for an SME website to succeed. It lists the usual business imperatives that SMEs can't ignore  - social media, search engine optimisation and web applications – all that stuff. Got that? So if you're a dentist, say, it's no longer enough to keep up with managing your staff and familiarising yourself with everything that the General Dental Council and the British Dental Association are throwing at you, all the while keeping up with new developments on dental technology and occlusion techniques. No, silly, you need an education, from an IT services vendor, about becoming a global brand. So you'd better start listening to what the teachers tell you about Pinterest, Google +, Twitter, YouTube, Bottletop, Yardbird, Kitten, PurpleTooth, BlueFin and LinkedIn* (top tip: if there's any bridgework you're particularly proud of, it only takes a minute to snap a digital picture on your Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, and that image can be Instagrammed in ...

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