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March 2013

No surprises in SME attitude to mobility

I have been thinking about MicroScope’s news story on Symantec’s State of Mobility report from last week which was headlined “SMEs lagging behind enterprises on mobility adoption”. Now it’s true that SMEs are lagging behind enterprises in terms of their attitudes towards mobility and BYOD, but I’m not sure it quite lives up to Symantec’s billing of “innovators vs traditionalists”, a kind of non-Hollywood version of Alien vs Predator for techies. According to the global report, only 41% of SMEs felt positive about mobility when asked about the risks versus the benefits of BYOD. This was a little bit less than the enterprises where they split evenly down the middle between those with half full glasses and those with half empty ones. When they were asked whether they had implemented policies on the use of devices for business purposes, 37% of SMEs revealed they had introduced measures compared to around a half of enterprises. Now, you could view that as not all that great but, on the other hand, you could say that the fact more ...

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