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March 2020

Cloud tops the menu in 2020, with helpings of HCI, security and 5G

When it comes to trying to make predictions for the IT industry in 2020, people often highlight a number of technologies and trends, but in nearly all instances they can only see them by looking through the cloud. That might sound strange when our natural instinct is to believe that cloud obscures our vision, but, in the case of the IT industry, it’s an intrinsic part of what people see happening in 2020. Atul Damani, chief technology strategist at Westcon-Comstor, believes there will be a big surge in hybrid/mixed model clouds. “We’re currently seeing a massive push from the most successful cloud companies to increase adoption,” he says. “To do this, IaaS [infrastructure-as-a-service] cloud computing providers are recognising the need to get into the datacentre or branch office and are pushing several paths, including hardware and connectivity, to get there. These will start becoming more mainstream in 2020, fuelling faster cloud adoption.” Neil Blecherman, director of global marketing at Supermicro, predicts cloud ...

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