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October 2017

VMWorld Europe 2017: Networking, security and telcos

Attend VMworld a few years ago and it would have been a case of rubbing shoulders with virtualisation and storage specialists keen to get the latest on where the market had reached moving data from a physical to virtual world. Last year, with the relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) taking centre stage, the focus was on cloud. VMware was looking to deliver the technology it had refined in the private cloud world into the public sphere with a tie up with one of the largest players in that market. There was plenty of talk about cloud again this year, with the relationship with IBM being promoted as another example of how VMware is looking to ensure it can be an option for an ever-greater number of customers. The core products of VSphere and VSAN are still key but there are plenty of other areas that the business now covers. In the future, the chances are that those sitting in the keynote session at future VMWorld’s could just as easily be networking and security specialists or come from a telco background. Pat Gelsinger, ...

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