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September 2023

How has 2023 gone so far?

With the halfway point for 2023 having passed by, it’s worth pausing to take stock of what the year has delivered and what to expect in the second half. At the end of 2022, the CompTIA IT industry outlook 2023 annual report found that over half of channel companies were optimistic about their prospects for 2023. Only 23% were uneasy about it. More than a quarter (27%) expected revenue and profitability numbers to outperform 2022 if the IT sector performed well, but the biggest group (45%) expected results on a par with the previous year. In May this year, Carolyn April, CompTIA senior director of industry analysis, stated: “The channel is healthy and evolving with new technology solutions, new players, new rules of engagement and new customer habits. The majority of firms feel good about business prospects, whether they’re competing in the traditional arenas of reselling and infrastructure, focusing on consulting and services, or representing new and adjacent channel types.” Considering what has happened so far in 2023, that ...

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