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April 2014

SolidFire: flash evangelists missing the big picture

Flash storage specialist SolidFire has released a new version of its operating system and called for partners to rally to its banner, saying it can help them win against the vast array of flash vendors currently making a racket in the market. Among the enhancements to its Element operating system are the introduction of Fibre Channel connectivity, real-time replication, mixed-node cluster support and integrated backup and restore. Named Carbon, the newest version of Element will, according to SolidFire’s sales and marketing VO Jay Prassl, help partners interested in flash have more in-depth conversations with their enterprise customers than they might with the likes of Pure Storage or Tegile. Speaking to MicroScope, Prassl claimed his rivals had failed to look beyond the speed that flash arrays provide and said this was not good enough when it came to provisioning clouds. “Yes, we sell flash arrays and we are speedy but we want to solve a wider range of problems. Speed is only a part of the next-generation datacentre; it has to ...

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